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Token Managements

Create A New Token

Click New on the header bar:


You may enter the TOTP secret or just scan QRCode by click the Scan QRcode button:


After secret and title filled, click Next to configure the token icon:


You can search icon from font-awesome, and set the color from color options. You can also upload the logo you prepared or just copy / paste from browser.


All images will convert to a small png file.

After you select the icon you want, click the Create button, now you have your first 2FA token:


Click the number will copy it to clipboard.

Show Backup QRcode

Someone will like to backup their 2FA tokens when everytime they setup a new 2FA token to another 2FA app.


Authman provides a function to show QRCode for backup usage, just click the dots on token right-bottom side of token modal, and click Show QRcode, Authman will display a QRCode image for this token, you can use another app or device to scan it.


Delete Tokens

To delete one token, you may simply click the dots and select the Delete option.


To delete multiple tokens, click the Edit button on app header, and checked the tokens you want to delete, then click the Delete button on app header:

delete multiple

Export Tokens

If you want to export your tokens for backup usage or transfer to another app, just go to Options > My Account and click Export option.


Authman will ask your password again and download all decrypted tokens as a JSON file, you can choose a directory to save it.

Import Tokens

If you have an Authman exported JSON file, you can import it to another Authman account, or use it to recover your tokens.

Go to Options > My Account and click Import option, then choose the json file.


Format of Import File

If you have 2FA token secrets from other app or source, and you want to import them into Authman, currently Authman only supports own import format, please convert your secrets to this JSON format:

  "accounts": [
      "content": {
        "title": "WebSite Name",
        "secret": "IGNV.....",
        "image": "data:image/png;base64,...",

Released under the GPL-3.0 License.